Search Tips for the UC Berkeley Collection

  • There is a toggle switch for Chinese or English interface:
  • 右上角可切換中英文介面:
  • There is simple/advanced search function:
  • 提供簡易查詢及進階查詢功能:
  • (Simple search has 9 columns)
  • (Advanced search has 24 columns)
  • Please mark the libraries that you plan to search in the ”institution” column:
  • 請於”機構”欄選擇欲查詢之圖書館:
    • For example: Type in “書” in the title column:
    • 例如:於題名欄中鍵入”書”查詢:
    • The results listed below:
    • 查詢結果如下:
    • Enter into the first result with metadata and image of title page
    • 進入第一筆記錄《新刻大有堂訂補全備考》的metadata及縮圖
    • Click “瀏覽影像” to browse the images
    • 點選”瀏覽影像”檢視該書影像
    • (cover page)
    • (title page)